Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Summer's day treats

So yesterday my dad came upon a real treasure in the dry forests around our house. Chanterelles are a mushroom pretty common during the fall but this early they are rare. Still super delicious though. Now, there are tons of ways to use them but considering the small quantity I think, one of the simplest and tastiest ways is just frying them in butter and then adding a touch of cream at the end, then serving it on a slice of toast (home made of course). Another good one would be in a risotto, but I think I’ll save that one for the fall.

Guess this won’t be much of a recipe post, more of a picture tryout for me, but I just had to commemorate the yellow gold combined with the black (mom’s cast iron skillet that is).

Since it was rainy I also took the time to whip up a batch of my cinnamon roles. Much to my family’s delight I might add, although, I wasn’t happy with them since I haven’t become really good friends with the oven yet.

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Tana Butler said...

Hello, you Offal Boy, you.

I am Tana Butler, and I found your link to my website. I wanted to thank you.

You should come visit, and we could set you up with some good folks. For fun and food.

(I am supposedly of long-ago Swedish stock: I was Tana Anderson at birth. Does that count?)

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