Thursday, April 16, 2009

Still alive, but not my camera? (Updated)

Hay, yeah i know i haven't posted in a while even though i should have plenty to brag about. Ok so we Swedish people don't really brag a lot generraly speaking, but yeah my duck breast turned out pretty good if i do say so myself. However i say good from a technical standpoint, I actually found it a bit bland, and i might have had too much duck fat for some time. I did find the whole process really exciting though so onward to new projects!

Coming up: My sauerkraut is done and I'll be doing something with that. New dry curing excursions, oh and i'm shopping around for new stuff for my kitchen :P

Oh and i would post pictures but my camera is dead....hopefully i will be able to resurrect it though.

Ok so here are the pictures of the sd card, terrible quality though :(


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